Why Do We Need To Find Acceptance?

About White Line Coaching

Why Do We Need To Find Acceptance? Allow me to tell you two true stories that have played out in my life. They link together in a funny sort of way which I’ll explain as I go, and beg the question – why do we need to find acceptance? The first happened in 2016. This is a period of my life […]

The Unnatural Human Amnesia

The Unnatural Human Amnesia Today I went for a walk with my family at my favourite local countryside spot. A marbled white butterfly (one of my favourites) fluttered past and landed softly on the ground. I realised that what it had landed on, sadly, was another marbled white that had died. One wing was a little damaged but […]

A Swift Explanation of the Logo

To me, all birds are magical. However, the common swift possesses a particularly potent form of sorcery. This is why I’ve chosen a flying swift as the new logo for White Line Coaching.