30 Day Challenge- Parts Work

30 Day Challenge- Parts Work How many days completed- 28 I’m always doing 30-day challenges. I’m not sure why 30 days. I’ve seen other people do it I suppose, and 30 days is a month, give or take. Earlier this year, I did a 30-day cold-water immersion challenge where I dunked myself into the small river that runs alongside […]

Your Part Of The Problem


Your Part Of The Problem Completely destroying your life is painful- take it from personal experience. But it does offer a huge advantage if you’re still standing when all that’s left is wreckage. If you desire to lift yourself up from that point, you can make a deep assessment of exactly where you went wrong. Even if you haven’t […]

Can you win, AND be happy!

Can you win, AND be happy? A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about my past mental health struggles and how I believe they could have manifested themselves through a faulty approach to life that began for me as a youngster entering elite sport. In short, I believe a desire to overcome internal issues like low self-esteem (of which […]

There’s No I In External

There’s No I In External  It is Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK at the time of writing. I’ve noticed many people posting bravely on social media about their struggles. I have mixed feelings about what I see. Sometimes I read with admiration at what is being revealed, and sometimes I judge people as attention seekers or as […]