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Your Part Of The Problem

Your Part Of The Problem Completely destroying your life is painful- take it from personal experience. But it does offer a huge advantage if you’re still standing when all

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Can you win, AND be happy!

Can you win, AND be happy? A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about my past mental health struggles and how I believe they could have manifested themselves through

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There’s No I In External

There’s No I In External  It is Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK at the time of writing. I’ve noticed many people posting bravely on social media about

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Coming Back To Yourself

Coming Back To Yourself  More so than any other creature on the planet, Human Beings are expert at not being experts on themselves. Very often, the person we

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Meat Health Head On

Meat Health Head On In 2019, I, like many others, watched and subsequently felt guilty after the Netflix documentary, Gamechangers. As far as I could tell, it was

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A Swift Explanation of the Logo

To me, all birds are magical. However, the common swift possesses a particularly potent form of sorcery. This is why I’ve chosen a flying swift as the new logo for White Line Coaching.

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