Why Do We Need To Find Acceptance?

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Why Do We Need To Find Acceptance? Allow me to tell you two true stories that have played out in my life. They link together in a funny sort of way which I’ll explain as I go, and beg the question – why do we need to find acceptance? The first happened in 2016. This is a period of my life […]

What Is Holistic Wellness?

What Is Holistic Wellness? . Recently, many people have suggested that to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of modern-day existence, I should start using Chat GPT. For those who don’t know what chat GPT is, allow me to tell you what Chat GPT itself says when asked. It tells you that Chat GPT stands for “Chat Generative […]

30 Day Challenge- Parts Work

30 Day Challenge- Parts Work How many days completed- 28 I’m always doing 30-day challenges. I’m not sure why 30 days. I’ve seen other people do it I suppose, and 30 days is a month, give or take. Earlier this year, I did a 30-day cold-water immersion challenge where I dunked myself into the small river that runs alongside […]

The Unnatural Human Amnesia

The Unnatural Human Amnesia Today I went for a walk with my family at my favourite local countryside spot. A marbled white butterfly (one of my favourites) fluttered past and landed softly on the ground. I realised that what it had landed on, sadly, was another marbled white that had died. One wing was a little damaged but […]

Your Part Of The Problem


Your Part Of The Problem Completely destroying your life is painful- take it from personal experience. But it does offer a huge advantage if you’re still standing when all that’s left is wreckage. If you desire to lift yourself up from that point, you can make a deep assessment of exactly where you went wrong. Even if you haven’t […]

Get Out Of That Without Moving

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Get Out Of That Without Moving My father-in-law is a hilarious man! Whilst I think my wife may have heard his jokes a few many too times for them to still be as funny for her as they are for me, there is no doubt he is entertaining. One of his favourites, is to grab our 11-year Noah in what […]

Can you win, AND be happy!

Can you win, AND be happy? A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about my past mental health struggles and how I believe they could have manifested themselves through a faulty approach to life that began for me as a youngster entering elite sport. In short, I believe a desire to overcome internal issues like low self-esteem (of which […]

There’s No I In External

There’s No I In External  It is Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK at the time of writing. I’ve noticed many people posting bravely on social media about their struggles. I have mixed feelings about what I see. Sometimes I read with admiration at what is being revealed, and sometimes I judge people as attention seekers or as […]

Coming Back To Yourself


Coming Back To Yourself  More so than any other creature on the planet, Human Beings are expert at not being experts on themselves. Very often, the person we are being or the state we find ourselves in is something we desire to move immediately away from. From what I can make out, birds don’t delude themselves about their […]

Meat Health Head On

Meat Health Head On In 2019, I, like many others, watched and subsequently felt guilty after the Netflix documentary, Gamechangers. As far as I could tell, it was my moral duty to become a vegan. I had been a vegetarian for nearly two years so I didn’t really think it would be a big deal. Why not disassociate […]