White Line Coaching is a business providing personal training and semi private training in Bath. It was created by Dan Cossins White and is the culmination of 20 years of experience working in fitness, well-being and elite level sport.

Dan competed as an international level sprinter and from there went on to coach sprinters at the highest level. Most notably, by being the personal coach, over a 10 year period, to World Championships 4 x 100 gold medallist, Danny Talbot.

About White Line Coaching

In his search to maximise the performance of his athletes, and in the recovery from a life changing breakdown in 2016 which diverted him from his career in elite sport, he has compiled and developed revolutionary personal training techniques that create a stronger human being, both in BODY and MIND. He operates a client centred approach and utilises methods from a wide range of areas including strength and conditioning, yoga, breathwork, martial arts and a host of other holistic practices.

Our Team

Dan Cossins


Dan Clarke

To find out more about Dan’s story watch the All The Way To The Finish Line documentary, below.