High Level Personal Training & Semi Private Training

The Swift Way to Fitness

High Level Personal Training & Semi Private Training​

Draw A Line Through Your Old Self

There are many reasons in life we may allow our health and fitness to crash. Life throws challenges at us, and we can prioritise other things – often completely understandably. 

At White Line Coaching we believe that our fitness and your health is our top priority. We experience everything from inside your body, and by making sure that vessel is healthy, we enhance all aspects of our life. 

White Line Coaching provides high level, holistic personal training & semi private training, in Bath, to help you to fly towards a healthier, stronger and happier you. 


High Level Personal Training & Semi Private Training​

Personal Training

Personal training with White Line Coaching will help you speed towards a healthier, stronger and happier you.

Personal training services with White Line Coaching

Swift Fit 66​

Semi Private Personal Training​

If you want almost all the benefits of 1 on 1 coaching but in a far more cost-effective way, then Swift Fit 66 is you.

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Sports Massage​

If your body is in pain and you want to enjoy the benefits of a body that works optimally once again, then sports massage at White Line Coaching is for you.​

Sports Massage with Dan. White Line Coaching

The Swift Way to Fitness​

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About Dan

White Line Coaching, a business providing personal training and semi private training in Bath, was created by Dan Cossins White and is the culmination of 20 years of experience working in fitness, well-being and elite level sport.

In his search to maximise the performance of his athletes, and in the recovery from a life changing breakdown in 2016 which diverted him from his career in elite sport, he has compiled and developed revolutionary personal training techniques that create a stronger human being, both in BODY and MIND.

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